Beyond Consequentialism (Oxford: Oxford University Press, hardback, October, 2009; paperback, December, 2011); ISBN 978-0-19-955930-5. Selected reviews: Rahul Kumar, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2012.01.07; Robert Myers, Ethics 121 (January 2011): 444-49; Alan Thomas, The Philosophical Quarterly (2015); Andrews Reath, Utilitas 24 (December 2012): 554-57; Julia Driver, The Journal of Moral Philosophy 10 (2013): 570-72.

History of Philosophy (New York: Harper Collins, 1993) Co-authored with William Taschek, Hugh Benson, Dion Scott-Kakures, and Susan Castagnetto. Sole author of chapters on Hobbes, Locke’s Political Theory, Rousseau, Hume’s Moral Theory, Kant’s Moral Theory, Utilitarianism, Marx, and American Pragmatism.